ASU Biodiesel Education and Research Laboratory (BEReL)

The EPA-P3 funded Collaborative Biodiesel Project at Appalachian State University has been a student-led effort to demonstrate a closed-loop biodiesel processor, and create a research and educational facility to teach about biodiesel production and use. Through Phase I and Phase II grants, we have successfully designed and constructed the ASU BEReL (Biodiesel Education and Research Laboratory) that provides renewable energy inputs, recycles side streams, and minimizes waste and pollution.

This project, along with other biofuels work conducted by faculty from the technology, chemistry and biology departments, is reaching out to regional farmers and entrepreneurs to provide the research and technical assistance necessary to increase biofuels production and use in the state.

Our goal with this Initiative is to continue to provide unique opportunities for research, education, and community outreach in the growing field of Biofuels while promoting renewable and sustainable production technologies.