Biodiesel Production Community Workshop

Sunday, March 16, 2014 - 8:34pm

Date: Jan27~May12, 2014 Detail information   Workshop Objective:
The Biodiesel Production Community Workshop is established to extend the benefits and learning opportunities of the ASU Biodiesel Research and Education Facility to the community at large. The workshop will enhance the ability of local people to make and use their own fuel safely, learning proper fuel production and chemical handling procedures from local experts in the field. The fuel will be made from locally sourced recycled vegetable oil keeping more of our energy dollars circulating within the High Country and promoting the concept of local energy independence as more people are empowered to make their own fuel. Partners in the enterprise include the High Country Biodiesel Co-op and Blue Ridge Biofuels.


161 Ayres Lane
Boone, NC 28607 

Dr. James Houser



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